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Revivification of Reality.


People pursued the ultimate reality in the field of art since primeval day.

NO,in the primitive age,it has become a thing with nature and the reality (truth)

to involve the ultimate reality

if the thing is made. The thing excavated in all regions in the world is a thing with the reality

together. There are a lot of arts with the ultimate reality in the past through time such as

Masaccio in Rennaisance periods,world heritage in Dunhuang,Kudara kannon in Horyu-ji


Temple,DaVinci ,Johannes Vermeer,El-Greco,Tawaraya Sotatsu in Edo period Japan,

Matisse,Mark Rothko,Baseo(in Japan haiku). Oh Gishi, in music region,Mozart.

How about at the present day ? I cannot help saying it is very few to our regret.

Moreover,even the thing said that it will involve the ultimate reality to the artistic production seems


not to notice.The art with the reality which contains,the element of universality and truth.       


The most important element of art was that whether there is the ultimate reality in it or not.

Only 20-30 years ago.However this point of view has been forgotten and gone far way now.

How did it changed ? What is the cause ? I believe it is all about insensitiveness.

It is sensitive in the Field of art is the first condition to be required.

What do we need to be sensitive for ? It is for “ the ultimate reality”.

It sound in the metagalaxy and it is thought the thing of the extending wave of motion.

“The ultimate reality.I belive that it is the receiving the wave of consciousness from cosmos.

We have been all our energies to catch , then echo to this waving from the cosmos in all genres art


activity since ancient times.It is something exists in the air, extraordinary,

terrible huge energy,extraordinary deep affection and very noble.

Such a vibration is filled in the space. If we can find out the echoing to this waving in


their works, we used to admit that it has a reality.

It demands the special sensitivities and sensibility for us to catch keenly the waving from the cosmos.


Therefore the sharp sensitivity and sensibility is the most important foundational gift to an artist.


It seems that these abilities belongs to the work of right brain. People from primitive period,


they have seemed understood universal wave from the cosmos and they sensed it unconsciously.


They had abilities to echo with something very sacred. However at the present day,


people hardly every sense it. I suggest the reason why people nowadays could not catch


keenly the waving from the cosmos, as people used to in old ages are Educational system.


Until age 5 to 6 (it is the age starts to go to the elementary school)


children catch the wave from the cosmos. They seem to sense it unconsciously as ancient


period people have sensed. Children till aged 5 or 6, ancient period of people and mental


deficient person have the sensibilities that very soft ,flexible and sharp.


If you look at some works,which are drawn by the mental deficient person ,


you will recognize that they are catching the echo from the cosmos.


It is because their right brain is vividly working. However our education only demands left brain


abilities such as linguistics , logical thinking. I argue that it is educational fault


only demanding students to train left side of brain. From elementary school to high school,


students spend 12 years to train their abilities of left-brain. Furthermore,


the importance of using right brain for Art and Music are often has been neglected


by high educational policies.Therefore their right brains are hardly ever used in


order to graduate or pass their exams.It is the big reason for us to decay our sensibilities.


I questioned myself that people who can not use their left-brain are called as mental deficiency,


however we do not even realize about not using right-brain and we could be called as sensitive deficiency.


Right brain has huge functions for human beings in order to develop new culture, new innovation ,


and new discovery so on .


However I argue that the abilities to train the right brain are limited.


It is very hard for us to rebuild sensitivity and echoing the wave from the cosmos.

There is a part that rules the music field of the music or the art or specialized field

in the base part of the brain. If it dose not keep always using it ,


this is a mechanism that music And the art cannot be perceived easily.


Therefore it is very important to maintain trainings to use right brain.


You will understand it if you consider about Mozart and Edison.

It is a reason why long time is needed in becoming it to sense the content of the work in music


and the art and appreciates. Moreover , being able to understand is up to a level of our

Sensibility to appreciated. For example , as I described be for that works of Da Vinci connote


“ the ultimate reality ”, however it is hard for us to appreciate its “ ultimate reality ”.

Because it is of course, in order to understand its connoted reality ,


we must have the same level of sensitivity with Da Vinci.It is same with any other arts and music.


In order to Appreciate real value of Mozart required having same sensitivities with Mozart.


Therefore, You cannot understand “the ultimate reality” of art works with your limited sensitivity.

I argue that people cannot understand further contents of art works you see unless


your sensitivity increases further more. Making hight sensitivity is required long time training and Patience.


In India , people mark their center of forehead with red color.


It is the place where is called as “third eye” .


The red mark is placed center of foreheads where is middle of right brain and left brain called pineal body.


If you could awake the pineal body part up , your “third eye” could help to build up


your sensitivity so that you echo with the cosmos more than you ever could.


It is very important for artists to pursuit “the ultimate reality” so that people are able


to create something very sacred and echoing with cosmos.

Also it is very important to question towards your own art works whether it contains


high reality or not. People tend to satisfy with the surface of art works which is usually easy to Understand.


However I suggest we should try further and further until it echo with cosmos.


To pursuit something not only visible area of contents, but something invisible area is


challenging for human being to understand universe and Transcendent all human knowledge.


In Japan , there are system of awaking the corpus pineal . Those systems are Zen ,

Shintoism, a Taoism , Esoteric Buddhism , and Martial arts. Brightness depth ,


and the precious of the reality are everlasting.


People do not yet understand at all. However,it is a thing that it is possible


to pursue it infinitely on the other hand. In order to obtain the cosmos energy ,


you must realize the existence of it.If you realize the existence of cosmos energy,


it will adhere to your body. In Japanese,when we say goodbye to people,we say


“ki wo tsukete!”.

It has double meaning in Japanese such as


“take care” and “ adhere the cosmos energy”.

“Ki wo tsukete!” Bay bay.            

                     Q . HARADA-SUZUKI


Translated by Iyo Ono.         

気 Ki
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